Flag of Aosta Valley

Flag of Aosta Valley

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Flag of Aosta Valley

The flag of the Aosta Valley is a vertical bicolour with two equal stripes, red on the left and black on the right. The flag also features the coat of arms of the region in the centre, which consists of a golden-bordered shield with a silvery lion on a black background.

The flag of the Aosta Valley was in unofficial use from 1947 until it was officially adopted on March 16, 2006, and it is one of the official symbols of the region.

You may also see the flag without a coat of arms.

Flag of Aosta Valley
Flag of Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley Region

The Aosta Valley is a small, mountainous region in northwest Italy, situated along the border with France and Switzerland. It is an autonomous region and its capital is Aosta. The region is bordered by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France to the west, Valais, Switzerland to the north, and Piedmont, Italy to the south and east.

The region has a population of around 128,000 people and is home to a number of different cultures and languages, including Italian, French, and the Franco-Provençal language. The Aosta Valley is a popular destination for tourists, who come to enjoy the region’s natural beauty, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions.

The official languages of the Aosta Valley are Italian and French, and the native population also speaks Valdôtain, a dialect of Franco-Provençal.

Aosta Valley Name Origin

The name “Aosta” goes back to the Roman place named “Augusta Praetoria”.


Flag of Aosta Valley - Pinterest
Flag of Aosta Valley – Pinterest
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