Flag of Apulia

Apulia Flag

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Flag of Apulia

The flag of Apulia is the official flag of the region and was officially adopted on the 10th of August 2001, but was modified in 2011 after the formation of the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani in 2009. The flag is a vertical tricolour divided into three equal parts, with the colours, from left to right, being green, white and red. The width-length ratio is approximately 3:5.

Apulia Flag
Flag of Apulia


The flag is a symbol of unity among Apulian cities and provinces as well as its historical heritage.

  • The green represents hope, peace and fertility.
  • White symbolizes light and purity.
  • The red refers to the love for the freedom that makes blood flow for justice
  • The words Regione Puglia (“Apulia Region”) appear in gold letters at the top of the flag.

The shield, mounted by the crown of Frederick II, is composed of:

  • Six bezants at the top, represent the six provinces of Apulia; prior to the creation of the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani in 2009, there were only five bezants.
  • An octagon, representing the Castel del Monte built by Frederick II;
  • An olive tree is a symbol of peace and brotherhood and a common feature of the Apulian countryside.


The flag of Apulia is a vertical tricolour divided into five parts, with the colours being white, green, white, red and white.

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Flag of Apulia Pinterest
Flag of Apulia Pinterest
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