Flag of Arkansas

Flag of Arkansas

Flag of Arkansas

The flag of Arkansas consists of a diamond shape on a red field, Twenty-five smaller white stars encased within the blue border, and four larger blue stars positioned within the white diamond, inside the diamond positioned in the centre is the state name “ARKANSAS”.

The flag was designed by Willie K. Hocker of Wabbaseka, a member of the Pine Bluff Chapter of the Arkansas Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Arkansas Flag
Flag of Arkansas, USA

Flag Symbolism

The diamond shape at the centre represents Arkansas’ status as the only diamond-producing state in the United States.

The 25 stars bordering the diamond represent Arkansas as the 25th state to join the Union.

The additional four stars within the diamond signify significant aspects of the state’s history:

  • France, Spain, and the United States: Originally, three stars represented Arkansas’s history of being ruled by three different countries: France, Spain, and the United States.
  • Confederate States of America: The fourth star added later symbolizes Arkansas’s membership in the Confederate States of America during the Civil War.

The inscription “ARKANSAS”: The inclusion of the state’s name reinforces identity and pride.

The arrangement of stars holds symbolic significance:

  • The upward-pointing star above the inscription “ARKANSAS” represents the state’s optimistic future.
  • The upward-pointing stars below the inscription symbolize the people’s aspirations and progress.
  • The downward-pointing star signifies Arkansas’s recognition of its place within the Union.

Color Scheme:

  • Red Represents bravery and valour.
  • White Symbolizes purity and peace.
  • Blue signifies perseverance and justice.

Brief History of the Flag of Arkansas

In 1911, the Arkansas legislature did not pass a flag proposal put forth by the Federation of Women’s Clubs. However, two years later, the Arkansas secretary of state established a committee to choose a suitable state flag.

Out of 65 submissions received by the committee, one designed by Willie Hocker, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, gained approval. The legislature ratified this flag in 1913, and a replica was bestowed upon the battleship USS Arkansas.

Originally, the three stars positioned at the centre of the Arkansas flag served as a reminder that Arkansas was the third state formed from the Louisiana Territory and had been under the governance of three distinct nations: France, Spain, and the United States.

In 1923, the flag underwent modification with the inclusion of a fourth star to represent the Confederate States of America.

The final version received approval on April 10, 1924. The flag’s fundamental design and hues evoke the Battle Flag of the Confederacy. The diamond shape of the central emblem symbolizes the state’s diamond industry, while the 25 stars adorning the diamond border signify Arkansas as the 25th state admitted to the Union.

Flag of Arkansas
Flag of Arkansas