Flag of Idaho

Flag of Idaho

The Flag of Idaho was officially adopted on the 15th of March 1927, the Idaho state flag was first flown by the First Idaho Infantry during the Spanish-American War. In 1957, Green’s seal design was updated and repainted by artist Paul B. Evans. Idaho is the 43rd state to join the union and therefore its flag retains this position on the national platform.

Flag of Idaho

Idaho Flag
Flag of Idaho, USA

Flag of Idaho Design and Colour Scheme

The flag of Idaho consists of the state seal on the field of blue, the seal is located in the centre of the flag The inner ring contains a banner with the Latin motto, Esto Perpetua, A woman, signifying justice, and a man, dressed as a miner, support a shield.

The dimensions of the state flag were described specifically by the Idaho legislature: “5′ 6″ wide, 4′ 4″ deep, bordered by a gilt fringe that is 2.5 inches wide. The flag is to be blue silk with the state seal of Idaho 21” diameter displayed in the centre. Under the great seal, the words “State of Idaho” are to be embroidered in gold block letters two inches high on a red band that is 3″ wide X 29″ in length.

The flag should have a hoist of 4 feet, 4 inches and a fly of 5 feet, 6 inches. The seal should be 21 inches in diameter. The banner inscribed “The State of Idaho” should be 3 inches tall by 29 inches wide, placed 8.5 inches from the bottom edge. The letters should be 2 inches tall.

Idaho Flag Symbolism

  • “Esto perpetua” – The state motto
  • Miner – Mining was the main state industry during the seal’s creation
  • Woman – Signifies liberty, justice, and equality.
  • Shield – represent the main industries of forestry, farming and mining
  • Mock Orange Flower – The state flower

Brief History about the Flag of Idaho

The Flag of Idaho was adopted by the state legislature on March 15, 1927, and the standard seal was adopted on March 1957, however, the flag can be traced back to 1907 when the Idaho Regiment was about to leave to help in the war against Spain, after the war the state legislature decided to embrace the flag as the Official flag of Idaho. Few adjustments were made to the initial flag to include agriculture, timber and mining.

The first state Legislature met in Boise on December 8, 1890, and on March 14th, 1891, adopted my design for the Great Seal of the State of Idaho”.

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Flag of Idaho
Flag of Idaho