Flag of Tbilisi

Flag of Tbilisi

Flag of Tbilisi

The flag of Tbilisi is based on the flag of Georgia. The flag of Tbilisi is a blue field with a white cross. The centre of the cross is shifted to the hoist side so that it divides the field into four almost equal parts. The flag was adopted on February 14, 2004.

The colours of the flag are said to stand for Georgia’s sky, mountains, and rivers. The white cross represents Christianity, while blue stands for hope and loyalty.

Flag of Tbilisi
Flag of Tbilisi


The flag of Tbilisi was adopted on April 21, 2004, by the Parliament of Georgia. It is a horizontal tricolour with three equal stripes of red, white, and green. The colours represent historical significance: red stands for bravery and valour; white symbolizes peace, and green represents fertility and prosperity.

The red stripe has been part of the city’s coat of arms since 1386 when King Bagrat V gave it to Tbilisi as a reward for protecting him from his enemies during his battles with the Mongols. In 1399, King Vakhtang IV added a fifth color (yellow) to represent justice. In 1703, King Solomon I added a sixth colour (black) to represent wisdom. These colours have remained in use throughout history.

In Georgian culture, red symbolizes bravery and faith while blue represents wisdom and truth.


The flag of Tbilisi is a blue, red and white tricolour.

The colours of the flag were chosen to represent:

  • The blue represents the sky and waters of Georgia, as well as its people.
  • The red represents the sun and fire that give life to Earth, as well as the blood shed by Georgians in their struggle for independence.
  • The white represents hope, righteousness, purity and peace.

A symbol is a sign that stands for something. In other words, it represents something.


The flag of Tbilisi is a symbol of the city and its people. It represents the history and culture of Georgia, as well as the country’s location on the Black Sea. The design features two horizontal stripes with three red stripes between them, representing the three regions or districts that makeup Tbilisi: Kura (north), Mtkvari (south), and Tekhuri (east). The white circle in the centre of this design is called a sunburst; it symbolizes enlightenment or knowledge.

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Flag of Tbilisi
Flag of Tbilisi
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