Flag of The Bahamas

Flag of Bahamas

Flag of The Bahamas

The flag features a black equilateral triangle positioned at the hoist, set against a horizontal background composed of three equal stripes in aquamarine, gold, and aquamarine.

The colours symbolize various aspects of the nation’s heritage and natural resources:

  • Aquamarine represents the sea.
  • Gold represents the sandy beaches.
  • Black symbolizes the strength and determination of the Bahamian people.

The motto of The Bahamas, “Expulsis piratis restituta commercia,” holds significant historical and cultural meaning.

Translated as “Pirates expelled, commerce restored,” the motto represents the resilience and determination of the Bahamian people to overcome challenges and build a prosperous nation.

Flag of Bahamas

History of the Flag of the Bahamas

In 1717, the Bahamas became a crown colony of the United Kingdom under its colonial empire. During this period of colonial rule, the Bahama Islands adopted the British Blue Ensign as their flag, incorporating the emblem of the territory.

In 1964, the Bahama Islands were granted internal autonomy. After the 1972 elections, the territory initiated negotiations for independence. The government held a competition to design a new national flag. Over 1,000 entries were submitted.

The winning design, created by a local artist named Sir Arthur Foulkes, was adopted as the national flag on July 10, 1973, the day the Bahamas gained independence from Britain.

The flag features three horizontal stripes of aquamarine, gold, and aquamarine.

The country changed its name from the Bahama Islands to The Bahamas.

Flag Design and Significance

The flag of The Bahamas represents the unity, pride, and resilience of the nation, and serves as a symbol of identity for its citizens.

  • The black equilateral triangle embodies the strength and unity of the Bahamian people. It symbolizes their resilience and determination
  • The two aquamarine stripes represent the abundant marine resources surrounding the islands of the Bahamas.
  • The central gold stripe represents the sandy beaches that stretch across the Bahamian archipelago.
Flag of the Bahamas - Construction Sheet
Flag of the Bahamas – Construction Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Bahamians celebrate their flag day?

Flag Day is celebrated in The Bahamas on the second Saturday in August.

The day is dedicated to honouring the Bahamian flag and its significance to the nation.

Celebrations include flag-raising ceremonies, parades, cultural performances, and educational activities to promote awareness and appreciation of the flag.

Has the flag of the Bahamas undergone any changes throughout history?

Yes, the flag of The Bahamas has undergone several changes throughout its history.

From its colonial roots to its current design, the flag has evolved to reflect the changing political landscape and the nation’s journey towards independence.

The current design was officially adopted in 1973 when the Bahamas gained independence from the United Kingdom.

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Flag of The Bahamas