Foresta di Mercadante

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Foresta di Mercadante

Foresta di Mercadante

The Mercadante wooded area, that is considered the lung of Bari, extends over the area of the Municipality of Cassano delle Murge and in part in that of the Municipality of Altamura and it’s miles a part of the Alta Murgia National Park.

The place covered by the wooded area, amid Aleppo pines, cypresses, holm alright and alright, has a morphology that is common of the hilly regions of Murge, with a steep slope which stands over a large flat vicinity.

With an extension of 1,300 hectares has become the “lung of the province of Bari, The woodland was created through a wonderful 1928 reforestation task, made vital by the main flood.

The Mercadante woodland is a protected wooded place where lush oak, cedar and cypress bushes grow, captivating visitors with colourations and magical twigs of branches.

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Address: S.S. 98, km35, 70020 Cassano Delle Murge BA, Italy
Province: Province of Bari