Holi Festival of colour and love

Festival of Color

Holi is an ancient Hindu Religious festival, the festival is celebrating the start of spring and the end of winter however it also celebrates the victory of good over evil, Holi is religious festival that Hindus father start of the night before Holi, perform rituals in front of the bonfire, and pray, so their internal evil is destroyed.

However in recent years this festival has been turned more in to a festival of colour and love, where people smear colored powder over each other and dance under water sprinklers and even use water balloons and water guns, it doesn’t matter who you are, you will be coated in colored powder by everyone.

The festival has spread and is now celebrated world wide, bringing people together.

Holi 2018 will begin in the evening of Thursday, 1st March and ends in the evening of Friday, 2nd March.

Facts & Information 

In India all social divides are suspended during Holi, as people of all castes and ages celebrate the festival together.

Observances: Festival of Colors
Type of holiday: Religious celebration
Featured in religions: Hinduism

Traditionally gulals were made from flowers, spices and other natural substances, but now they are mostly synthetic.

Moisturising well before Holi can help prevent the gulal from staining the skin, although clothes are all but certain to be ruined.

Holi has it’s origin in India which marked the welcome of spring and end of Winter, and is a national holiday, celebrated across of all of India.

It is a festival of colors which symbolizes love and welcomes new beginning.

Holi brings people from all classes and background together thus removing signs of inequality.

Festival of Colour and love

Location of the Festival World Wide

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Holi Festival isn’t as religious as it might of hoped to be but more of a music and art festival, not keeping with the routes and making more of a music festival with colour.


European first Holi Festival was held in METAXA Beach,Germany however it does keep to the traditional roots of the Indian festival but adding Music and Arts twist to it.

Cape Town

open-air festivals that use eco-friendly, safe, coloured powders, thrown in the air to express freedom and the colour of everyday life.


29th July, Festival of Colours in Wembley Park,London


In the Braj region of India, where the Hindu deity Krishna grew up


is a town located 20 kilometeres of Barcelona and celebrates the festival of colour but stays true to its origins with colour, white outfits, music and food.

Festival of Colour and Love