How To Make Money While Traveling


Becoming a traveler and not having to worry about money is everyone’s dream, but that’s not the case for a lot of travelers, because you’r usually on a small budget and require a job to pay your bills as you travel.

A Lot of countries now have internet access in most places, you can work a few hours a day and still enjoy the travel life on the go, of cause this depends on the skills you have.

If you are, like my self, you will have a full time job that pays your bills such as house, phone, car etc. you might find it hard leaving all of that to go travelling, so knowing you have a job on the go, will definitely easy your mind.

Here are some ways you can earn money while travelling!


Freelance Work

A Freelance worker is someone who likes to sell work or services, rather than work a regular 9 to 5 job on a regular salary.

Web Development

Becoming a web developer is one of the best ways to earn money online, you can sell your skills to the public or even to business, no matter how big or small the companies are, they ether need a new website or something done to improve on their current one.

If you have the skills and a portfolio of websites, that others thing you did a good job, you can multiple customers per month.

Just remember its a competitive market, so be competitive.

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are always needed in business and you can travel around the world, selling your skills to companies, and the best thing, you can design website anywhere in the world, all you need is your laptop.

You can create logos, web design, posters and other things for companies, or even sell them online to the public.

Open an Online Store

Online Stores are easy to open however to earn from selling online products can be a struggle, you need to have a unique products that everyone want and you can sell it for a reasonable price.

There are number of websites that you can sell products on such as Etsy, Society and Bonanza.

If you selling products such as jewelry or Clothing you really need make sure you have someone at home sending the products for you or have the products on you, so you can send them while you travel, but they can take space in your backpack, but if you travelling you can buy cheap products and sell them for a massive profit.

Digital products can be created on the go and can be sold online for the public to buy, this is really simple and can earn a lot of money for an hours work.

If you have your own website or blog, you can sell products on there to your customers and it’s pretty much free advertising.



Blogger is some one who writes or creates material for a blog.

Blog Writing

Writing for a blog sites can be a fast way to earn money while on the road, You will defiantly improve your writing skills, there are number of websites that offer writers the ability to write articles for a price, depending how good the quality and quantity of the information you write about, will depend how much money you will earn for each post, but you can typically earn about £20 to £50.

It might not be Much but remember if you write about 2 articles for different sites, it can add up to a good amount of money but again this takes at least 2 plus hours to write a decent blog post.

Become A Blogger

Becoming a blogger is just like writing for others but you are working for yourself, this is a lot harder and takes a lot more dedication, because after working for yourself isn’t easy,  you need to invest a lot of time and money, but it can pay off after a couple of months or years depends how hard you work on it.

You need to be consistent and have massive community before you start earning £1,000 plus per month, money earned through advertising and sponsored content or even selling products.

If you using WordPress, you can have your website inside their ad program, which earns you money per impression.

you can also apply for ad-sense but this is a lot harder to do, your website has to be approved and its not easy getting approved.

Video Blogger

Video blogging has been popular for number of years now, YouTube had offered a lot of people to travel and blog about their adventure and earn a lot of money doing so, but you have to be doing this for years before you get a good amount of subscribers or have a massive video that makes you go viral.

Its simple to start a YouTube account and pretty simple to get a partnership with YouTube but you need to do a following things before you get approved.

Create a Google+ account, connected that with your YouTube account, have a google gmail and then apply for a partnership.

Just like having your own blog, this takes time and hard work, also being consistent, just like having a blog with ad-sense, you need a lot of views before you see any wage.


Working Abroad

Someone who works outside of their country, and works in an environment that has different culture, to the one you are used to.

English Teachers

Being fluent in English, is a great way to travel and earn money, you even get paid a decent wage, which is one of many perks this job offers, you get to me the students who will adore you and even, can teach you a thing or two about their culture and lifestyle.

If you planning to teach for long term, i would recommend doing research about online courses such as Premier TEFL.

Countries that are popular for English Teachers: China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Bartender & Reps

Travel as a Bartender & Rep for local bars in Magaluf or Ibiza to get people in to bars and clubs at the same time drinking and parting, you don’t earn to much but it can be a good way to work and travel, have fun and even see the place, of cause these jobs are located on party areas.

from experience, you don’t want to be innocent for this, you got to put up with drunks and people acting like complete idiots, but you do meet a lot of people and you can have a lot of fun and can even explore the island a bit and enjoy the sun.

General Jobs

You can get a work visa and even work as a tour guide, waiter/waitress and even normal office job, you can explore the country after work or during your days off at the same time earn money, and you never know, you might end up moving there if you enjoy working there and get a permitted job after.

This does mean you have to stay in one location for number of months but at least you are still exploring the world.

Popular places to work are Australia and United States of America


Things to consider before you explore the world and earning money  while traveling:

Willing to learn

You might have good skills for example web developing however you might want to learn how to graphic design as well, so you have multiple ways in earning money, the more skills you have the easier it will be to earn money

Having a purpose

Setting a purpose for yourself is a good idea, because it means you have a goal to work to, for example earn money for your next adventure, you will have to find a job and that job will pay for your next trip.

Fraud & Scams

You will come across a lot of scams specially trying to look at ways to make money but don’t fall for them, they usually say you can earn money quickly 1000’s and 1000’s a day without no work, they are usually there to scam you, and they will.

Make sure you do your research before you set up an account or anything to do with giving your information away.

Remember to enjoy everything you do, if you don’t enjoy it, then it becomes a struggle in the morning.