Incredible foods you have to thank the English



England has always been a country full of talented inventors, from making the internet, telephone, football and many more inventions, they have also changed our food recipes, here’s a list of some food inventions you should thank the English for, a small nation with a massive impact.

Apple pies

Yes Apple Pie is English, No American you didn’t invented this, even if you think you do but the very first Apple pie recipe goes all the way back to 1381 however the dutch, french and the Swedish have their own style of an Apple Pie however the English were the first on record to have created this amazing pie.


England & Italy actually had a dispute over this but who invented the lasagna but yes you guest it right, its not the Italian, the English have actually invented this as well, How British is this magical dish ? well its so British that Richard the Second was making this back in the 14th century; this research was made when researchers studied the medieval cook books, which is located in the British Museum. Keep your pizza Italy because we have Lasagna.

Balti curries

We all known that chicken tikka Marsala is a British curry… well you should do, its famous, but Balti Curry was actually also invented in England, it was actually first  originated in curry houses in Birmingham, take that India.

Fizzy water

Best thing to come out of Leeds, Carbonated Fizzy Water, An English Chemist Known as Joseph Priestley, he does that by hanging a filled vessel over a fermentation vat at a brewery, yes that brewery was in Leeds, so all you vodka, soda drinkers you have to thank the English for it.

List of other food inventions: