15 Interesting Facts About Reims

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Reims Facts

Interesting facts about Reims

  1. Reims is the world capital of Champagne with a rich history creating and storing popular champagnes.

  2. The University of Reims was founded in 1547 by Pope Paul III.

  3. St John Baptist de la Salle and Jean Baptiste Colbert were both born in Reims.

  4. Reims is situated on the Velse River, the northern part of France, its only 30 minutes away by high-speed trains from Paris.

  5. Reims is an Administrative and Commercial centre.

  6. The Notre-Dame de Reims dominates the Reims skyline, which can be dated back to the fifth century.

  7. Many French Kings were crowned in the Notre-Dame de Reims, such as Charles VII.

  8. The city’s elevation is 96 meters or 315 feet above sea level.

  9. Major Industries in Reims is Tourism and Agriculture and the Major Export is grains.

  10. 60% of the region’s lands are used as farmland.

  11. The French King Clovis was baptised and turned to Christianity in Reims, 496 A.D.

  12. The Porte de Mars is the oldest monument in Reims, dating back to the third century AD and had the widest arch in the Roman World.

  13. Reims has three World Heritage Site of UNESCO: Abbey of Saint-Remi, Palace of Tau and Notre-Dame de Reims.

  14. The People from Reims are known as Rémoises if females and Rémois if males.

  15. Reims was founded by a tribe of Gauls, who are known as the Remi around 80 BCE.

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