10 Interesting Facts About Fort Collins

Facts About Fort Collins

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Facts About Fort Collins

  1. Fort Collins was founded as a military outpost in 1864 for the United States Army, which was known as Camp Collins.
  2. The estimated population of Fort Collins is 169,810, as of 2020, Making Fort Collins the fourth most populous city in Colorado and the 156th most populous city in the United States.
  3. Fort Collins was incorporated as a town in 1873.
  4. In 1998, Fort Collins Utilities was the first in the state and amongst the first in the nation to offer clean, renewable wind power for customers to purchase.
  5. The town was named after and in honour of Lt. Col. William 0. Collins.
  6. Fort Collins is just one of five towns in the country designated a Platinum Level Bike-Friendly Community.
  7. The town had a total area of 37,423 acres including 807 acres of water.
  8. Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University.
  9. 70% of Colorado’s Craft Beer is made in Fort Collins.
  10. Fort Collins is the birthplace of several famous people Jon Heder, Byron White, Pat Stryker, John Ashton & Temple Grandin.
Facts About Fort Collins
Facts About Fort Collins



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