Largest Islands In Europe

Islands In Europe

Largest Islands In Europe

The list of the largest Island in Europe includes the name, country or region information, Area Square kilometre and area square miles.

A brief definition of an Island: An Island is a Mass of Land completely surrounded by Water.

The largest Island in Europe is Great Britain covering 93,627.8 Area Square Miles, comprises the nations of England, Scotland and Wales. England is the largest country on the island measuring at 50,301 mi² and the smallest is Wales measuring at 8,005.8 mi².

The smallest Island in Europe is Kråkerøy in Norway and Elafonisos in Greece measuring at 20 Area km² or 8 Area Square Mile.

The list of Largest Island in Europe is ordered by area:

Ranking Island Countries / Regions Area km² Area Square Mile
1 Great Britain England, Scotland, Wales 242,495 km² 93,627.8 mi²
2 Iceland Iceland 103,000 km² 103,000 km²
3 Ireland Ireland & Northern Ireland 84,421 km² 32,595 mi²
4 Severny Island Russia 48,904 km² 18,882 mi²
5 West Spitsbergen Svalbard, Norway 37,673 km² 14,546 mi²
6 Yuzhny Island Russia 33,275 km² 12,848 mi²
7 Sicily Italy 25,711 km² 9,927.1 mi²
8 Sardinia Italy 24,090 km² 9,301.2 mi²
9 North East Land Svalbard, Norway 14,443 km² 5,576.5 mi²
10 Cyprus Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, Akrotiri and Dhekelia 9,251 km² 3,572 mi²
11 Corsica France 8,680 km² 3,351 mi²
12 Crete Greece 8,336 km² 3,219 mi²

Madeira and the Canary Islands are not considered part of Europe, whereas Cyprus is. Cyprus is often considered to be a part of both Asia and Europe.


Islands In Europe
Largest Islands In Europe