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Artificial Island Facts

Artificial Island Facts, Artificial islands are not formed by nature but constructed by people, facts: Artificial islands are not considered islands for purposes of having their own territorial waters or Exclusive Economic Zone

Island Facts

20 Fascinating Island Facts

Fascinating Island Facts, Hawaii is an oceanic island, Great Britain is a continental island, facts: Islands found in rivers or lakes are referred to as eyots, Borneo is home to creatures that exist nowhere else on earth

Artificial Islands

Largest Artificial Islands

Largest artificial islands, Flevopolder island is the Largest Artificial Island situated in netherlands, followed by Yas Island in UAE and Japan’s Kansai International Airport

Islands In Europe

Largest Islands In Europe

Largest Islands In Europe includes the name, Area Square kilometre and area square miles, largest Island in Europe is Great Britain covering 93,627.8 Area Square Miles

Travel Facts

50 Fascinating Travel Facts

Fascinating Travel Facts, Iran is home to the second oldest tree on earth, Russia is bigger than Pluto, Travel can make you more creative, Chine covers five times zone


largest island in the world

largest island in the world by Area sq mile: Greenland 822,700 sq mile, New Guinea 303,381 sq mile, Borneo 288,869 sq mile, Madagascar 226,658 sq mile, Great Britain 80,823 sq mile

Samara Facts

25 Amazing Samara Facts

Amazing Samara Facts,Joseph Stalin’s secret bunker is buried 37 metres below Samara, The city was founded in 1586, Facts Samara is considered the place of creation of the first accordion

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