Smallest Island In Europe

smallest Island in Europe

Smallest Island In Europe

A brief definition of an Island: An Island is a Mass of Land completely surrounded by Water.

The smallest Island in Europe is Kråkerøy in Norway and Elafonisos in Greece measuring at 20 Area km² or 8 Area Square Mile.

The list of Smallest Island In Europe is ordered by area:

RankingIslandCountries / RegionsArea km²Area Square Mile
1KråkerøyNorway20 km²8 mi²
2ElafonisosGreece20 km²8 mi²
3FavignanaItaly20 km²8 mi²
4WhalsayUnited Kingdom20 km²8 mi²
5VigraNorway20 km²8 mi²
6VengsøyaNorway20 km²8 mi²
7UlvaUnited Kingdom20 km²8 mi²
8LangeoogGermany20 km²8 mi²
9EigerøyaNorway20 km²8 mi²
10AttuFinland20 km²8 mi²
11La MaddalenaItaly20.1 km²8 mi²
12LampedusaItaly20.2 km²8 mi²
13AntikytheraGreece20.4 km²8 mi²
14HidraNorway20.4 km²8 mi²
15AmrumGermany20.5 km²8 mi²
16AvşaTurkey20.6 km²8 mi²
17VulcanoItaly20.9 km²8 mi²
18VahterpääFinland21 km²8 mi²
19KakskertaFinland21 km²8 mi²
20BergöFinland21 km²8 mi²
21SariaGreece21.1 km²8 mi²
22The great BerneraUnited Kingdom21.2 km²8 mi²
23StorönSweden21.3 km²8 mi²
24PaşalimanıTurkey21.4 km²8.5 mi²
25SpildraNorway21.4 km²8.5 mi²
26MeløyaNorway21.8 km²8.5 mi²
27BlidöSweden21.9 km²8.5 mi²
28Nord-FugløyaNorway22 km²8.5 mi²
29MunapirttiFinland22 km²8.5 mi²
30LurøyaNorway22 km²8.5 mi²

Estimation on the size of the Islands may vary if you have any better statistics please let us know below.


smallest Island in Europe
smallest Island in Europe
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