How Many Days Can I Travel In European Countries With £1,000?

how many days can i travel in european countries with 1000 1 How Many Days Can I Travel In European Countries With £1,000

How Many Days Can I Travel In European Countries With £1,000?

After some research into the cost of travelling around the world, Isolated Traveller has created a chart showing how many days a person can travel in a particular country with £1,000.

If you are wondering: how do you come up with these numbers? it’s fairly simple, after some research the purchasing power of the Great British Pound (GDP), and using a number of methods such as currency exchange rate, minimal living wage in each country and a few other minor factors.

Isolated Traveller then created a few charts and explored the web, we finally established our findings in the table below.

Exchange Rate

As of 1st of July 2018, £1 is worth…

European Countries are divided into Regions. 

Northern Europe
CountriesDays of Travel With £1,000
Denmark, Copenhagen8 Days
Estonia, Tallinn14 Days
Finland, Helsinki8 Days
Iceland, Reykjavik7 Days
Latvia, Riga18 Days
Lithuania, Vilnius20 Days
Norway, Bergen6 Days
Sweden, Stockholm7 Days


Central Europe
CountriesDays of Travel With £1,000
Austria, Vienna10 Days
The Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov27 Days
Croatia, Split20 Days
Croatia, Zagreb20 Days
Hungary, Budapest26 Days
Poland, Warsaw17 Days
Poland, Krakow25 Days
Slovakia, Bratislava19 Days
Slovenia, Ljubljana16 Days
Germany, Munich9 Days
Switzerland, Interlaken7 Days


Southeast Europe
CountriesDays of Travel With £1,000
Albania, Tirana20 Days
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo25 Days
Bulgaria, Sofia29 Days
Greece, Athens17 Days
Kosovo, Pristina20 Days
Macedonia, Skopje21 Days
Montenegro, Podgorica19 Days
Romania, Bucharest29 Days
Serbia, Belgrade25 Days
Turkey, Istanbul17 Days
Italy, Florence9 Days
Italy, Rome9 Days


Western Europe
CountriesDays of Travel With £1,000
Belgium, Brussels9 Days
France, Paris10 Days
Ireland, Dublin11 Days
Luxembourg, Luxembourg City8 Days
Monaco7 Days
The Netherlands, Amsterdam9 Days
England, London9 Days
Scotland, Edinburgh11 Days
Wales, Cardiff11 Days
Andorra, Andorra la Vella8 Days
Portugal, Lisbon13 Days
Spain, Madrid11 Days


Eastern Europe
CountriesDays of Travel With £1,000
Moldova, Chișinău25 Days
Russia, Moscow16 Days
Russia, St. Petersburg24 Days
Ukraine, Kiev25 Days
Belarus, Minsk50 Days

Scandinavia countries and Switzerland are topping the expensive side of the tables, you will get fewer days out of the £1,000 budget. Zurich in Switzerland will cost you over £200 a day, that’s more than four or five times the cost of a day in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Countries in the Western Europe region are averaging around 10 days for £1,000, which makes it far more expensive than the Eastern Europe region, which averages 28 days for £1,000.

Please keep in mind the information is based on a backpackers budget, this means staying in hostels, cheap transports avoiding taxis and walking when possible and enjoying the cheap street food.

The numbers will vary depending on your expenses such as eating at restaurants and staying at more expensive hotels and apartments and other factors.

How do these numbers compare to your personal experience? let us know in the comments.


How Many Days Can I Travel In European Countries With £1,000?
How Many Days Can I Travel In European Countries With £1,000?
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