Largest Artificial Islands

Artificial Islands

Largest Artificial Islands

Artificial Island is an artificially Man-made Island, they are structures that have not formed naturally but constructed by Humans for a number of different reasons. Artificial islands may vary in size depending on what they are designed to be used for, tourism, military or civil use etc.

List of the Largest artificial islands according to their size

RankingIsland NameIsland Size km2Year BuiltLocation
1Flevopolder970 km²1968Flevoland, Netherlands
2Yas Island25 km²2018Abu Dhabi, UAE
3Kansai International Airport10.68 km²1994Osaka, Japan
4Hong Kong International Airport9.4 km²1998Hong Kong
5Palm Jebel Ali8 km²2008Dubai, UAE
6Chūbu Centrair International Airport6.8 km²2005Tokoname, Japan
7Palm Jumeirah6.5 km²2002Dubai, UAE
8Rokko Island5.8 km²1992Kobe, Japan
9Fundão Island5.23 km²1983Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
10Port Island5.2 km²1981Kobe, Japan
11Willingdon Island3.96 km²1936Kochi, India

How do you build an Artificial Island?

The first thing you require for an Island is to have a base to build on. Islands don’t float in the water, an Island is just land above sea level, to make the island bigger you need sand and a lot of sand enough to make the ground more stable after the sand is placed, you need concrete and again a lot of concrete. that’s the simplest description of how to build an Island.

Advantages of Artificial Island

  • Reclaiming land from the sea and can increase the land area of a country.
  • Artificial Island can be built to your liking, any size and any shape.
  • Increase national defence of a country or increase tourism.

Disadvantages of Artificial Island

  • The cost of an Artificial Island, the process isn’t cheap and money so you require a lot of money.
  • The process of constructing an island could take years.
  • A danger of damaging and destroying marine and coral life.

China’s artificial islands

Recently the People’s Republic of China is constructing seven artificial islands around the south china sea. The biggest artificial Island is situated on the Fiery Cross reef covering around 110,000 Square Metres. Military base, a runaway and watchtowers and even underground tunnels.

Other artificial islands are located in Mischief Reef, Subi Reef, Cuarteron, Gaven, Johnson South and Hughes reef.



Artificial Islands
Largest Artificial Islands