Last Minute Travels


Travelling can be a stressful time, specially when it’s a last-minute vacation, however most people don’t take any time off from their stressful work life, but having a holiday is really an important part of having a balanced life style. who knew travelling is actually helpful.

But before you start booking that last-minute holiday, make sure you read our advise on last-minute holidays.

Make a playlist

Make sure you have your favourite music to calm you down and keep you occupied during flight, you have a lot of things to do on your holiday from sight-seeing to travelling to different spots to view the country/place you going to, so having calm music relax you and let you sit back and enjoy your journey.

Download Helpful Apps

Helpful apps that really be useful during your journey are a modern-day most need, they can tell you the best places to visit from restaurants to nightlife, and even find your way to different location, its a modern-day essential, have a look at our top apps that you must have.


Prepare baggage

Being prepared even if it’s a last-minute flight, having the luggage all packed with all your essentials, try not to over pack  but making sure you have everything you need, and weight your luggage don’t want to be over the limit as it can be very pricey, make sure you leave the luggage next to your door, so you have everything you need as you leave.

Get some sleep

You might be excited about going on your holiday, to a point where you just can’t sleep, and end up staying up, this could be a mistake, you be to busy travelling and that can put a lot of pressure on a person however being rested can make your journey a lot less stressful.


It is recommended that you exercises 30 minutes a day, to have a health life style, however travelling doesn’t usually make give you time for that but try to get some exercise at least a day before, stretch off, go for a jog, this will also help you with sitting around on the plane, because some plane journey can take a while, specially if theirs no leg space for you to relax comfortably.