Lethem, Guyana


Lethem, Guyana


Lethem, situated in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo region of Guyana, serves as the regional capital.

Lethem has an airport with the IATA Code LTM, facilitating scheduled air service to the capital, Georgetown on most weekdays. The airport features a single paved runway spanning 6,194 feet with instrument markings, albeit lacking lighting.

One significant infrastructure in Lethem is the Takutu River Bridge, completed in 2009 with financial support from Brazil. This bridge, which cost US$5 million, stands as the only road link between Guyana and Brazil. Its construction has facilitated more efficient transportation of goods, particularly from Brazil to Georgetown, offering an alternative route to shipping through Brazilian ports.

Lethem Toponymy

The town derives its name from Sir Gordon James Lethem, who held the position of Governor of British Guiana from 1941 until April 12, 1947.

Lethem Geography

Lethem is situated along the Takutu River, serving as the border with Brazil and facing the Brazilian town of Bonfim. As the capital of Region 9, Lethem acts as a central hub connecting numerous surrounding villages to Georgetown.

The elevation of Lethem is approximately 280 feet above sea level.

Lethem, Guyana
Lethem, Guyana