List of Towns in Montana

List of Towns in Montana

Montana is the fourth-biggest state by physical size and has the eighth smallest population. Montana is divided into 56 counties and contains 129 incorporated municipalities, which consist of cities and towns. The largest city is Billings with an estimated population of 117,116 and the smallest city is Hobson with a population of 179. The fastest-growing town by percentage is Outlook by +78.7% between 2010 and 2020, however, Stevensville grew the most by population, with an increase of 1,809.

The largest Town in Montana is Manhattan. Manhattan is a town in Gallatin County, part of the ‘Bozeman Micropolitan Statistical Area’. The estimated population is 2,086, measuring up at around 1.93 square miles. In 1865, the town was called Hamilton, it later changed in 1883 when they named it Moreland after the Moreland Irrigation Canal. Eventually, it was changed to Manhattan after a malting company in the rise of the barley empire.

The second largest town in Montana is Stevensville. Stevensville is a town in Ravalli County, Stevensville is officially recognized as the first permanent settlement of non-indigenous peoples in the state of Montana. The estimated population is 2,002, measuring up at around 1 square mile. The name of the settlement was changed from St. Mary’s to Stevensville in 1864 to honour territorial governor Isaac Stevens.

The third-largest town in Montana is Columbus. Columbus is a town in the county of seat of Stillwater County. The estimated population is 1,857, measuring up at around 1.35 square miles. The original name was sheep dip and later changed to Stillwater, however, due to the name clash with Stillwater, Minnesota the name was changed to Columbus, Montana in 1893.

The smallest town in Montana is Ismay. Ismay is a town in Custer County. The town is the least-populous incorporated municipality in the state of Montana, The estimated population is 17, measuring up at around 0.42 square miles. The town’s name is an amalgamation of Isabella and May, the names of the daughters of Albert J Earling

List of Towns in Montana

Name Type County Population 2020
Manhattan Town Gallatin 2,086
Stevensville Town Ravalli 2,002
Columbus Town Stillwater 1,857
Eureka Town Lincoln 1,380
West Yellowstone Town Gallatin 1,272
Boulder Town Jefferson 1,201
Plains Town Sanders 1,106
Browning Town Glacier 1,018
Whitehall Town Jefferson 1,006
Ennis Town Madison 917
Fairview Town Richland 896
Chester Town Liberty 847
Philipsburg Town Granite 841
Superior Town Mineral 830
Pinesdale Town Ravalli 805
Darby Town Ravalli 783
St. Ignatius Town Lake 768
Fairfield Town Teton 759
Culbertson Town Roosevelt 753
Sheridan Town Madison 694
Bridger Town Carbon 662
Walkerville Town Silver Bow 639
Big Sandy Town Chouteau 605
Cascade Town Cascade 600
Circle Town McCone 591
Joliet Town Carbon 577
Terry Town Prairie 562
Hot Springs Town Sanders 557
Valier Town Pondera 530
Belt Town Cascade 510
Wibaux Town Wibaux 462
Broadus Town Powder River 456
Alberton Town Mineral 452
Lodge Grass Town Big Horn 441
Stanford Town Judith Basin 403
Ekalaka Town Carter 399
Fromberg Town Carbon 392
Brockton Town Roosevelt 358
Jordan Town Garfield 356
Sunburst Town Toole 333
Clyde Park Town Park 332
Twin Bridges Town Madison 330
Dutton Town Teton 303
Nashua Town Valley 301
Hysham Town Treasure 276
Drummond Town Granite 272
Bainville Town Roosevelt 271
Medicine Lake Town Sheridan 244
Fort Peck Town Valley 239
Ryegate Town Golden Valley 223
Virginia City Town Madison 219
Lima Town Beaverhead 212
Geraldine Town Chouteau 207
Denton Town Fergus 205
Froid Town Roosevelt 195
Moore Town Fergus 194
Winnett Town Petroleum 188
Plevna Town Fallon 179
Winifred Town Fergus 172
Westby Town Sheridan 167
Richey Town Dawson 164
Saco Town Phillips 159
Kevin Town Toole 154
Broadview Town Yellowstone 139
Lavina Town Golden Valley 136
Hingham Town Hill 131
Melstone Town Musselshell 126
Dodson Town Phillips 125
Grass Range Town Fergus 110
Bearcreek Town Carbon 91
Outlook Town Sheridan 84
Rexford Town Lincoln 78
Opheim Town Valley 75
Flaxville Town Daniels 63
Neihart Town Cascade 43
Ismay Town Custer 17


List of Towns in Montana
List of Towns in Montana