10 Malaga Cathedral Facts

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malaga cathedral

Facts About Malaga Cathedral

  1. The Malaga Cathedral was built between 1528 and 1782 ordered by the Catholic Monarchs.

  2. The Cathedral is actually still unfinished however it still one impressive cathedral.

  3. you can visit the rooftop of the cathedral, however, to get there you have to climb two hundred steps.

  4. The cathedral was built near the site of a former mosque.

  5. you can find an information plaque outside the Malaga Cathedral.

  6. The cathedral stands at 84 metres high or 276 feet tall.

  7. Before the 20th century, the cathedral had houses attached to it however they were demolished and now the cathedral stands as you see it today.

  8. The Interior of the cathedral is influences of the Baroque and Renaissance styles.

  9. The cathedral has its own gardens and a magnificent courtyard.

  10. La Manquita is the second highest cathedral in Andalusia.

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