Palacio del Virrey Laserna

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Palacio del Virrey Laserna

Discover the incomparable exquisiteness of the Viceroy Laserna Palace: Luxurious and splendor based in the heart of the historic center of Jerez de la Frontera. It’s been passed down through generations since the conquest of Jerez by Alfonso X the sage at the second 50% of the 13th century. Learn through our guided tours the history of General José, de la Serna y Martí, Nez de Hinojosa, 1st Conde de Los Andes, a hero of the War of Independence as well as the last Viceroy of Peru and Spain in America. He lived in this house from the late eighteenth and early 19th century.

The Viceroy Laserna Palace gives the chance to pry into a lived noble property. The guided tours offer an invitation to journey back in time and discover the lifestyle of a family rooted in the history of Spain. The beautiful architectural design of the Palace has the neoclassical design with reminiscent of an earlier period. It’s spacious rooms, superb decoration, and an unparalleled collection of classic furniture and precious paintings. It represents the grand way of living of the Andalusian aristocracy. Among the Palaces, the objective is to stimulate cultural activity in the city. An art gallery was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture, Iñ, igo Mé, ndez de Vigo, on August 18th, 2015, that is next to the entrance of the Palace and overlooking the street.

The Viceroy Gallery is a temporary exhibition room that artists can utilize for all kinds of art: Painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design and design. This space aims to publicize the works of both established and emerging artists. It’ll be in the service of local artists that want to expose their latest work, and also for the diffusion of new tendencies by foreign artists. The gallery has a surface of 100 m2, where 60 m2 are suitable to exhibit. Being next to the entrance of the Palace public is assured, as the memorial daily visitors will pass throughout the art gallery.

The collective or individual exhibitions will often last for 15 days. The introduction will take place on Wednesday or Thursdays, depending upon the personal preferences of the artist. Theater. The theater was originally made in the Palace gardens in the 17th century. The only corral de comedies that originated in Jerez, it’s located in the garden of the palace. It’s was documented by historian Juan Salguero and it appears on the tombstone entrance to the palace on Calle Santa Isabel. The Viceroy Laserna Palace along with the Jerez Theater Company, El Jinete Verde, have reached an agreement to continue this tradition by doing plays from the gardens. In August 2016 took place the I Cycle of Summer theater at Viceroy gardens achieve the great success of the critic and the public. Lorca and William Shakespeare were completed, but additionally theatre of puppets for the younger public. The professional firm El Jinete Verde was founded in 2010 by Cé, Sar Deneken, and Marina Armario.

Brief History of Palacio del Virrey Laserna

The palace is located in what was known as after the reconquest, Calle Real, then it changed to Pozuelo and afterward on to Conde de Los Andes, after the passing of the sixth Conde de Los Andes. The City Council named the road. The ceremony took place on the eighteenth September 1963. It was chaired by his Lordship the Mayor Tomá, Garcí, a Figueras. The building has undergone many modifications. Its structure is from the time of the Moors. The foundations come from that time along with other remains were found after renovations. We don’t know to whom the home Belonged to in time of the Moors, but definitely, it was someone important because of its size and its proximity to the Alcazar.

The conquest of Jerez took place in 1264 when Alfonso X The Sage, suffocated a revolt. The King gave off the important houses of the city to the forty knights he left to live in the city. The book of distribution of Jerez homes is retained in the archives of the city and town halls which is from the Plaza de la Asuncion. From this book, we know that the first Christian owner of the palace was Basco Martinez Trujillo. Basco’s grandson, Juan Martinez de Trujillo, was the earliest of the 13 councilors of Jerez. Ownership was transmitted from parents to kids, and in 1590, was connected to an estimated estate.

From the Trujillo family, the palace passed into the Martinez de Hinojosa, another former noble family and one of the conquerors and settlers of Jerez. Mrs. Nicolasa Martinez de Hinojosa and Trujillo, the mother of the Viceroy, wed Don. Alvaro de la Serna, hence linking the home to this name. Mrs. Nicolasa de la Serna wed Don Fernando Moreno, the surname is still held by the present owners. The palace acquired its neoclassical imprint in the late XVIII and early XIX century when the aristocracy eventually settled in court and in others towns and their lives have ceased to be itinerant.

Consequently, the palaces increased their rooms number, the furniture became rich and hefty, And artistically adorned in reaction to a more intense social life imitating the Paris salons style. The last renovation of the palace took place for the canonical coronation of the Virgen Del Carmen, in April 1925. The wing has been added to the home to accommodate guests. Among the guests King Alfonso XIII and the whole of the government that came to attend this event.

Palacio del Virrey Laserna
Palacio del Virrey Laserna

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Members of the “Association of Friends of the Viceroy Laserna Palace” are entitled to unlimited entries to the Palace.

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Address: de la, Calle Pozuelo, 8, 11403 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain

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