Places where you can spend the night at a zoo


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Have you ever wanted to stay in a Zoo, over night, well this might be your dreams coming true, Zoo’s worldwide offer the ability to stay over and enjoy the beautiful sights of animals up-close and personal . The hotels below offer the best 5 start accommodation to one star camping, you can go luxury or barely nothing. But the experience in staying in a hotel that’s a zoo as well, it a one in a life time experience, its your choice but here are some Zoo hotels you might enjoy.



The Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo first opened up in 1873 and then moved location in 1991, It’s located west of Belize City, and was founded by Sharon Matola, The zoo has around 48 species and a total of 175 animals, The  zoo is also holds Awards from National Tourism Award, Educational Award of the Year, in 2009, due to their Tropical Education Center.

You can stay in the Zoo’s dorms, cabins or even pond houses, the lodges are connected together with trails, it really makes you feel like you are outdoors but sleeping in a comfy bed.

The cabins offer queen beds, small kitchen and a bathroom with hot and cold water, you also get dinner and breakfast for a small price of around $60 to $80


All the animals within the zoo have not been taken from the wild for show, the animals have ether been born/ hatched there or have been taken in to for rehabilitation and other animals couldn’t be returned to the wild due to their injuries.

Price: Adults BZ $30 & Children BZ$10

Location: Ladyville, Cayo District Brazil




Adelaide Zoo

Adelaide Zoo opened in 1883 which makes it the second oldest zoo in Australia, it operates on none profit basis, it has around 300 exotic and native species, and a total of 1,800 Animals and it also has a botanical garden.

Stay over night at the Adelaide Zoo, gives you many benefits such as exploring the zoo on a night safari, Experience a free Panda and Friends Behind the Scenes Experience, you can also get up close to animal encounters and meet a keeper, don’t forget about food, with a breakfast and gourmet BBQ dinner.


The Zoo has two panders, Named: Wang Wang and Fu Ni,they are the South Hemisphere’s only breeding pair of Giant Pandas.

Prices and Bundles

The zoo offers three different price offers:

Unlimited Access $44.95

12 months of free entry to Adelaide Zoo, Monarto Zoo and most major zoos in Australia
10% off at Adelaide and Monarto’s Shops and Cafes
Discounts on Animal Experience bookings
Free 12 month subscription to Zoo Times magazine
Special members only prices to Zoo Events
With your purchase of a Zoos SA membership, we can help save species from extinction together.

standard tickets

  • Child (4-14 years) $19.00
  • Adult (15 years and over) $34.50

Family / Mini Group From $88.50

Over Night Stay 
Two person tent (general public) $350.00. A $50 discount on a second tent booked.
Two person tent (zoo members) $300

Location: Adelaide, Australia



Jamala Wildlife Lodge 

The National Zoo and Aquarium and Jamala Wildlife Lodge are privately owned, it relies on volunteer recruits to help keep the zoo managed, its also has endemic species and introduced species, and the zoo also takes part in breeding programs for endangered species. The zoo first opened up in 1990.

Jamala Wildlife Lodge is a safari for luxury lodge experience, you can meet one of the most endangered and dangerous species on the planet, you can also learn about the animals and how you can help them survive, with in the price you will get dinner, beverages and exclusive tours,

Welcome to Jamala Wildlife Lodge, the ultimate overnight safari at the National Zoo & Aquarium and Canberra’s first luxury lodge experience. You will meet many of the most dangerous and endangered species on earth and learn how you can help their survival.

The rooms come with wireless internet, Music System and Television, you can also pick what kind of experiences you want, the are three accommodations Ushaka Lodge, Jungle Bungalows and Giraffe Three Houses, they all give you a different Experience.

Price: Average $1,200

Location: Canberra, Australia



Polar Park 

Polar Park offers three bedrooms, kitchen and a large dinning table, and large window so you can see the wolves, also offers a windows roof view, you get food servers such as Norwegian dinner, snacks and fresh fruit, not forgetting the most impotent meal of the day, breakfast, you can also meet the wolves up close and personal, you also get to learn about the northern lights, wolves and Norway in general.

Price: Per Night $8,770,00

Location: Bardu Municipality, Norway



Durrell WildLife Park

The Park was first Established in 1959, in the English Channel of Jersey, by Gerald Durrel, the park is also named after him, The zoo has rare and endangered species, from Mammals to Reptiles and has over 130 different Species and 1,400 animals.

Durrel Wildlife offers different kind of experiences from camping  to hostels:

You can stay in a beautiful five star camp site, the wildlife camp is described as the glamorous camping resort, it offers free WiFi, Hard wired electrical feed in each pod and free access to the park any time you like, during the opening hours of the park and much more.

Durrel Wildlife Camp Price: Price is for 2 adults and 2 children.

  • 3 night stay from £480
  • 4 night stay from £600
  • 7 night stay from £980

Location: Jersey, Channel Islands



Gir Lion Lodge

You can experience something that we all wished to do once we watched lion king, that’s spend the day with lions, there are nine cabins and are all named differently after the Gir National Park, and all come with a double or twin beds, also a pull down sofa bed, and a En-suite, it makes you feel like you are staying in a safari lodge, just comfy and no mosquito bites when you wake up.

The price includes two course meals, Full English Breakfast, encounters with animals and access to the zoo for 2 days, free parking and complimentary drinks.

Price and Bundles

Lodge based on 2 adults sharing Prices from £438 per lodge; Works out to £219 per person.
Lodge based on 2 adults + 1 child sharing Prices from £488 per lodge; Works out to £162.70 per person.
Lodge based on 2 adults + 2 children sharing Prices from £538 per lodge; Works out to £134.50 per person.

Location: London, United Kingdom



Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo was first opened up in 1974 and founded by Hugh A Crothers, it’s the largest zoo in Canada at 710 acres with over 450 species with a total of 5,000 animals, the zoo has many areas such as Kids Zoo, Splash Island and Waterside Theatre.

Toronto Zoo offers visitors an experience at its Serengeti Bush camp, it lets you explore the park after hours, discover the rain-forests of Africa and the savanna, the safari guides offer a VIP tour of the park and behind the scenes action of the park, you will receive tent accommodations, Breakfast and Buffet style, campfire and snacks if the weather is perfect.
The Bush camp offers 13 African bush tents, 2 large tents that can fit 8 people and the rest are small tents that fit 4 people, don’t worry the tents are made heavy water proof canvas.

Fun Facts: 

Pair of giant pandas known as Er Shun and Da Mao arrived at Toronto Zoo During 2013 and now staying at the zoo till 2018, then they will be moved to Calgary. Chosen as a good match for breeding they proved themselves when they gave birth to twins during 2015.

Price: $89 to $109 per night

Location: Toronto, Canada



Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo is located south west England, is named after the city its located in Bristol, The Zoo conserving threatened species and promotes wider understands of the natural world. It first opened up 1836 and has over 400 different species and over 7,00 animals.

Zoo provides out of hours zoo tours for any lodgers and also morning breakfast with gorillas in a glass enclosure. Don’t worry about alarms you will have to wake up to ultrasonic whistling of goeldi monkeys. 

Fact: Bristol zoo is 180 years old, which makes it the 5th oldest zoo in the world.

Location: Bristol, United Kingdom

Tickets: lodge apartments from $1,200

Rooms from £125pp



Port Lympne Reserve 

The lodge offers opportunity for visitors to get up close with the animals, the zoo is 600 acres and has a beautiful view of the Kent countryside.

Fact: Port Lympne Hotel at Port Lympne Reserve won Wedding Venue of the Year

Tickets: Lodge tents and tree line suits: $475 and hotel rooms from $426 and pods from $80

Location: Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom









The Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo has been open since 1874, many of the animals in the zoo are rare and endangered and the animals comes from all sorts of environments around the world.

Price and bundles:

The Philadelphia Zoo Package includes:

  • Overnight Accommodations
  • Two Philadelphia Zoo Tickets
  • Philadelphia Zoo Map
  • 10% Gift Shop Coupon For Use in Zoo Gift Shops

Tickets: $55pp


Philadelphia Zoo hired Frank J to stock it cages.

In 1995 on Christmas eve the zoo had a terrible disaster where a fire spread and killed 23 different animals, such as lemurs, white handed gibbons, lowland gorillas and orangutans. Four years late in 1999 the zoo opened it’s primate reserve.

Location: Philadelphia,PA, United States