Province of Malaga Coat of Arms and Flag

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province of Malaga coat of arms and flag

Province of Malaga Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of the Province of Malaga has two sides: the left side represents the old coat of arms which was granted by the Catholic Kings in Segovia by the Royal Decree on August 30th, 1494. The right side was changed during the Republic, the side has 12 horizontal stripes in red and gold which stand for the 12 judicial parties of the province, excluding the capital city of the province Malaga.

The Orignal description of the coats of arms “The coat should comprise the form of the city and fort of Gibralfaro (with the group of captives) against a red background. In order to pay reverence to Saint Ciriaco and Saint Paula, who were martyred in this city, we order that their images be placed atop the towers of the Gibralfaro; in honour of the port, waves should be represented; our weapons, the yoke and arrow, should frame the image.”

province of malaga coat of arms
province of Malaga coat of arms

Flag of Province of Malaga

The Flag of Malaga was designed in 1978  by Joaquín Jiménez Hidalgo who was the council president. the flag has a white background and the coat of arms is located in the centre of the flag with a blue sky frame around the coat of arms, covering one-fifth of the flag’s length.

Flag of Province of Malaga
Flag of Province of Malaga

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