Puerto Aysén, Chile

Puerto Aysén, Chile

Puerto Aysén

Puerto Aysén is a city in the Aysén Region in the southern part of Chile. Puerto Aysén was originally settled in 1914 and wasn’t officially recognised as a city on the 28th of January 1928.

Puerto Aysén’s economy is closely tied to the natural resources and stunning landscapes of the Aysén Region. Agriculture forms one of the pivotal pillars of Puerto Aysén’s economy.

Puerto Aysén serves as a central location for Chile’s prosperous fishing and aquaculture sectors. The local economy heavily relies on the cultivation of salmon and trout, which are fundamental pillars of the industry. The region’s fjords and rivers offer an optimal setting for aquaculture, enabling the abundant production of these highly desired fish. This production not only satisfies domestic consumption but also fuels economic expansion through exports, thus fostering overall economic growth.

LocationAysén Region, southern Chile
PopulationApproximately 24,000
Major Economic SectorsAgriculture, fishing, aquaculture, tourism, transportation
ClimateSubpolar oceanic, with cool to cold temperatures and significant rainfall
Key IndustriesSalmon and trout farming, small businesses, public services
PortFacilitates transportation and trade
City Status28 January 1928
Puerto Aysén, Chile
Puerto Aysén, Chile