Slain’s Castle

Slain’s Castle

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Slain’s castle is a ruined castle in Aberseenshire, Scotland, the castle overlooks the North Sea, just 1 kilometer from the east of cruden bay.

The castles core is a 16th century tower house, however it now requires a restoration but been on hold since 2009, the last time the castle had a significant reconstruction was back in 1837, when it was built by Scots Baronial mansion, it had three extensive gardens.

Built: after 1597
Built for: Francis Hay, 9th Earl of Erroll
Rebuilt: 1836–1837
Architect: John Smith

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All Hours


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No Facilities however a village and few stopping stations close by


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Cruden Bay
AB42 0NE



Slain’s Castle Slain’s Castle Slain’s Castle

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