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  • Plodda Falls

    Plodda Falls

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    Plodda Falls is beautiful waterfall situated inside Glen Affric National Nature Reserve, it’s about 151 feet high, during the 1880’s the waterfall was a popular tourist destination and a footbridge was built across the top of the water fall, by Lord Tweedmouth, who was the owner of the Guisachan estate however in 2005 the bridge…

  • Chanonry Point

    Chanonry Point

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    Chanonry Point is situated at the end of the Chanonry Ness, a spit of land extending over a mile south east into the Moray Firth, its a really popular place among tourist and locals and is one of the most popular and one of the best onshore locations in Scotland, and the best place to…

  • St Andrew’s Cathedral Inverness

    St Andrew’s Cathedral Inverness

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    The St Andrew’s Cathedral situated in Inverness, Scotland near the banks of the River Ness. The seat of the Bishop of Moray, it was one of the first protestant cathedrals to be completed in United Kingdom since the reformation. construction started in 1866 and was completed in 1869, the cathedral is built of red Tarradale…

  • Urquhart Castle

    Urquhart Castle

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    Urquhart was once one of Scotland’s biggest castles, during it’s 500 years as a fortress it has saw a number of conflicts and battles between the Scots and the English during the wars of Independence. The castle is located on the headland which overlooks the Loch Ness, the buildings of the castle were laid out…

  • Cawdor Castle

    Cawdor Castle

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    The Cawdor Castle is situated on the east bank of the steep-sided valley of the Allt Dearg, just about five miles south of Nairn. The castle was built around the 15th century, as a tower house throughout the centuries additional parts were added. The castle is listed as a Category A building. The Cawdor Castle…

  • Glasgow Science Centre

    Glasgow Science Centre

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    Glasgow science centre is situated in the Clyde Waterfront Regeneration area, on the south bank of the River Clyde, Opened on the 5th of June 2001 by Queen Elizabeth II, The Science Centre has three main buildings, the Science Hall, Glasgow Tower and an IMAX cinema. The Science Centre was part of an ongoing redevelopment…

  • Glasgow Statistics and figures

    Glasgow Statistics and figures

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    Glasgow In Numbers   Estimated population of Glasgow City By Age Group [su_table] Age Group Male Population Female Population Total Population 0-15 49,750 47,782 97,532 16-29 71,239 73,563 144,802 30-44 67,001 65,340 132,341 45-59 57,289 62,410 119,699 60-74 34,833 37,763 72,596 75+ 14,163 25,207 39,370 [/su_table] Births in Glasgow City [su_table] Gender Births Year Male…

  • Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art GoMA

    Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art GoMA

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    Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art is situated on the royal exchange square and displays works by international and local artists and even the tension and complexities of our contemporary society via it’s major biannual projects. The Modern art gallery opened in 1996 and housed in a neoclassical building, the building was first built in 1778…

  • Glasgow Necropolis

    Glasgow Necropolis

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    The Glasgow Necropolis is situated on the hill to the east of the Glasgow Cathedral,The land that the Necropolis stands on was purchased by the Glasgow’s Merchants House,and used as a Fir park until the group agreed that the land would be better used as Glasgow’s version of the world famous Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.…