Things To Do Before Travelling


Quick Travel Guide on what you should be checking off before your adventure as a backpacker/ traveler.


Planning stage is one of the first stages to planning a back packers adventure journey, you have to plan out where you want to be going, making sure you have the finances to support this journey, making sure every penny gets you further then it would normally.


Making sure your passport is in-date and has more then 6 ¬†months left, if you haven’t got a passport or its running out in couple of months, make sure you renew it, passports usually take between 2-6 weeks, this depends on how busy it is and what country you from. damaged or outdated passports will cause you trouble.

Visas are the next big thing, most countries require a valid Visa, however some countries have agreed some kind of visa free travel, just make sure you have contacted and researched this information before you travel. you really don’t want to be buying flight tickets and then finding out the visa you applied for got denied.

Book flight tickets and any other transport needed to get you to your destination, this step is fairly simple and can be done online or a few phone calls. however it can be tricky some times trying to find a cheap flight, make sure you research for the cheapest flights if you on a budget.


Travelling equipment such as backpacks, portable chargers, clothing, cameras etc all need to be ready for you before you travel, you don’t want to be look or ordering equipment late and then finding out they haven’t come on time and you stuck with out a backpack or cameras to take wonderful pictures.

Health check is also necessary some countries you might be visiting might have viruses that you haven’t got a vaccination, call your local doctors/ GP for more information about it and go dentist and opticians if needed.

You can also apply for different cards that are better for taking out cash, most banks will charge for transactions out side your country.


Arrange any hotel stay for at least your first night staying abroad, you don’t want to be traveling to another country and not having no where to rest after a long flight.

Make sure you get travel insurance specially if you planning to go out of your comfort¬†zone and experience need things but you never know what might happen and making sure you don’t have to worry about medical bills is necessary.

If you have any other things you want to do or check, make sure you write down a check list of things that might help you with your journey.

make sure you write down any important contact number/emergency number so in case you lose your device where all this information is stored, you can still contact family and friends.

Preparing documents, have a copy of all your documents safe at a close friends or family house so just in case you lose anything on your journey, it will make the process of you getting a new documents faster.


Start packing all the clothing and equipment you require.

Go and change any currency you need for your travels, so you have money for when you get there to us, you never know when the next time you will be able to take money out.

Make sure the flights and accommodations you booked are still correct and you know when the flight time is and how long it will take you to get to the airport.


Make sure that all the devices you taking with you on your adventure are fully charged such as portable devices, phones, cameras and any extra devices make sure they are fully charged.

Plan that you arrive at the airport early and with plenty of time with for you to check in your luggage.

Run any other checks and get ready for your journey to start.


comment below if you feel like any other checks should be made before you go off on your adventure.