5 Things to hate about backpacking


Backpacking around the world can be some of a challenge, you are put in a situation that you might not of been before, people come from all sort of places and each one deals with things differently, so when you travelling you will come across things you dislike, love and find annoying, but its all part of the backpackers adventure, here are some things backpackers hate about travelling as a backpacker.


Hostels & Dorms

For traveler who are on a budget will know that dorm rooms are the best place to stay but also meet some people and bond with, however you are put in the same room as people who might snore, smell or even have their own personal issues, that now you have to deal with, because upsetting people that you don’t know could end up bad, so expected a bad night sleep in a dorm room.

Also the sexual activities do happen between backpackers, after all you are alone in a different country, it could be lonely, so finding some one is a way of dealing with it but here the bad part, when you in a hostel about to sleep and a couple get it on, it can be awkward having to try to sleep while they ‘moan’ so prepare yourself for a bad night sleep.


Friends that last a Minute
You will meet great people on your adventure with some amazing stories, and others that you feel like you have a connection to, you start getting to know them and make great friends however the bad part is, they be heading off the next day some where else and you probably wouldn’t meet them again. its amazing meeting new people and bonding with them but just remember it doesn’t last long in most cases.
Saying good bye to people you meet, the fellow travelers, can be hard specially knowing that you had the best time of your life but its just part of the experience, yes social media does help you stay in contact but most of the time, you don’t really keep in contact.


Can’t enjoy the little things money can buy.
As a backpacker you might not have a huge budget for your travels so being on small budget to keep you going daily so needed, this means you miss out on some things that you might wanted to do such as nice restaurants with quality food rather then food stands that can give you diarrhea (yeah you will get that a lot, while travelling and trying different foods, your stomach might not be up for it.) skiing in the Alps because the ski lifts a bit too expensive, remember to live a little bit.


Working out
For gym lovers or even people who love staying active and fit, will find it hard to workout as you always on the move, so you can’t hit the weights in the gym, yes i know walking in a good exercise but some times you might want the weights, pump them muscles, you just got to accept that you will not be training while you travelling.


Travelers mentality
You go out and backpack to explore the world outside of your comfort box and explore places no one has set eyes on but we all know that’s not going to happen, 99% of backpackers visit places where everyone else is already out, this kinda ruins the experience of a true backpacker, some times you should visit places hardly anyone travels to, but still visit other places backpackers love going to, theirs a reason they are all there.