Verdant Works

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Dundee Verdant Works

Verdant Works is the only Scotland’s Jute Museum in United Kingdom, it was a former jute mill however it was purchased by Dundee Heritage in 1991. Tells the story of Dundee’s textile industries, focusing primarily on the jute and linen industries.

The trust restored the homes and opened them in 1996 as a museum dedicated to the textile enterprise, an industry that after dominated the city’s economy.

In 1987 the Historic Scotland gave the Verdant a Category ‘A’ listed building, which is the highest category for listing in Scotland, this means the building is a national architectural importance.

The Collections shows the entire history of the jute industry, things like the research and development, end products, quality control checks, manufacturing and engineering.

The jute collections cover the entire history of the jute industry such as manufacturing, quality control, textile engineering and research and development.


In 2015, A new area of the museum was turned into an open excessive mill, the excessive mill was original built in 1833.

In 2008, the Jute Collection was named as a Recognised Collection of National Significance.


Address: W Henderson’s Wynd, Dundee DD1 5BT, UK