Ways you can reuse your old content to gain more traffic for your blog


Ways you can reuse your old content to gain more traffic for your blog Traffic

Creating unique content to drive traffic, can be hard specially if you been blogging for number of years, you need to keep finding unique ways to get your content out there, you will get to a point where you run out of idea, you used all your creative style.

Here’s a list of ways you can use your old content and restyle it to be unique and new!


Transform old content in to Videos

If you are a fan of video blogging then this will really make your blog stand out more and receive more views.

YouTube and blogging has been around for many years and its really getting popular, its even taken over your TV, so why not start a YouTube channel and use all that old content you created in to videos, you can easily create a video blog about  6 to 10 minutes long, about a your experience travelling.

You can use your old posts to write a small script or bullet points about that certain experience, if you have a blog about your adventures in London, you can easily create a video blog talking about your experience in London and what you like and dislike about it.

Creating an E-book from old posts.

Creating an E-book from old posts. 

E-books are a great way in creating a perfect book using your old posts and the best part is, all you have to do is copy your old posts and connected them up, so it feels like the words make sense and everything is connected perfectly.

Now you wondering what you can do with this E-book once you have created it, you can use it for number of things such as offer free E-book to anyone who signs up to your Email subscription, you can also sell it, you can make at least £1 to £5 of each book easily, or even offer it for free download to anyone, however I would personally suggest offering free E-books to your email subscribers.


Creating a PowerPoint

PowerPoint are easy and quick ways to create content that be shared to people view slideshare, you can create a slide pretty easy, all you have to do is create a slide show and share it on slide Share, which then will provide additional opportunities for engagement. Content you can have on slide shows can be informative or even show statistics, quotes, just make sure its an easy read.

You can use old blogs and just copy and past creative content and make sure its easy and presentable to read for people, making sure it doesn’t have to much information on it.


Create a Pinterest Instructographic

Pinterest is a social media site that offers people to publish photographs that then can be shared to millions, you can create a photo that has lots of information on it, that will then back-link to a post or your website, which then expands on the information within your Pinterest instructograph, using your old posts, all you have to do is create this Pinterest and publish it, and this will drive more traffic to your blog post.



Write a guest blog post

Writing for other blog websites actually improve your SEO and creates high quality back links to your site, using your old blog posts as an idea for a new blog post, you use your old articles to write a new one, which in turn makes it easy for you to create a new article, because you already know what to write, you pretty much use the old article as a backbone and reword it and make it sound more professional, in return for writing for other blogs you receive number of benefits such as quality back-links, self promotion and a strong connection to other audiences.

You can contribute and get a back-link to your site view our contribute program


Create a Podcast 
A lot of people prefer content that they don’t have to read, just like video blogging, you can create a podcast, it’s a new way to connecting with other people, podcasts are pretty much like book tapes or best known as audible, if you discuss old blog articles you have written, its a new way to connect to others, you can even create a weekly or monthly series.