What is the state bird of Arkansas?

Northern mockingbird

What is the state bird of Arkansas?

The state bird of Arkansas is the Northern Mockingbird.

Brief History

The history behind Arkansas choosing the Northern Mockingbird as its state bird dates back to 1929. At that time, the Arkansas General Assembly designated the Northern Mockingbird, Scientifically called Mimus polyglottos, as the official state bird through an act of legislation. The mockingbird was selected for its melodious song and its prevalence throughout the state, making it a fitting symbol for Arkansas. Since then, the Northern Mockingbird has remained a cherished emblem of the state.

Northern Mockingbird

The Northern Mockingbird is a medium-sized songbird native to North America.

Northern Mockingbird is known for its remarkable vocal abilities, capable of mimicking the sounds of other birds, animals, and even mechanical noises. This mimicry often includes complex songs composed of snippets of other bird species’ calls.

Northern Mockingbirds are found throughout the United States, Mexico, and parts of Canada, preferring open habitats such as parks, gardens, suburban areas, and forest edges. They are non-migratory birds in most of their range, although some populations in the northernmost regions may migrate short distances southward during the winter months.

The mockingbird’s diet includes a variety of foods, including fruits, seeds, berries, and small insects like beetles, earthworms, moths, butterflies, and bees.

Common NameNorthern Mockingbird
Scientific NameMimus polyglottos
Size in Length10 Inches
Weight45-58 g
Life Span8 years to 20 years
Wingspan31-35 cm
Northern mockingbird
Northern mockingbird