10 Interesting Facts About Alesund

Facts About Alesund

Facts About Alesund

  1. On 1 January 2020, the municipality of Ålesund was greatly enlarged when Haram Municipality, Skodje Municipality, Sandøy Municipality, and Ørskog Municipality were merged with Ålesund to form one large municipality of Ålesund.
  2. Ålesund was founded in 1837.
  3. The coat of arms was granted on 1 April 1898. The red and silver arms show a fishing boat on the water with three fish swimming. The arms symbolize the importance of fishing for Ålesund.
  4. Ålesund is twinned with several towns: Randers, Denmark; Västerås, Sweden; Lahti, Finland; Akureyri, Iceland; Peterhead, Scotland; Borgo a Mozzano, Italy; Tacoma, WA, United States & Eu, Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France.
  5. Ålesund was shown briefly in the 1969 film, “It’s Tough to Be a Bird,” by Disney.
  6. The municipal council of Ålesund is made up of 77 representatives that are elected to four year terms.
  7. The Population of Alesund is 52,626, as of 2018.
  8. The municipality is set on several islands including: Nørvøya, Aspøya, Heissa (Hessa), and Oksnøya, which are connected by bridges.
  9. Ålesund University College was established in 1994.
  10. Ålesund is a port town on the west coast of Norway, at the entrance to the Geirangerfjord.
 Facts About Alesund
Facts About Alesund

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