10 Interesting Hamburg City Hall Facts


Hamburg City Hall Facts:

  1. The old city hall was destroyed in the great fire of 1842, it took almost 44 years to build a new one.
  2. The Current City Hall was constructed in 1886, and was inaugurated in 1897, designed by multiple group of seven architects, led by Martin Haller. 
  3. In 1971 a room in the tower was only discovered accidentally during a search for a document fallen behind a filing cabinet. So there is a probability that there are even more rooms than the currently counted 647 rooms.
  4. Hamburg City Hall is the seat of local government of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Germany.
  5. The emperor’s hall in the first floor is the second-largest representation hall, named after Wilhelm II.
  6. It cost around 11 million German gold marks, which is around 80 Million Euros to Construct the City Hall.
  7. At the official opening ceremony the First Mayor Johannes Versmann received the key of the city hall.
  8. The city hall has a total area of 17,000 m2. The tower is 112 metres high with 436 steps.
  9. The courtyard is decorated with a Hygieia fountain.
  10. The balcony is surmounted by a mosaic of Hamburg’s patron goddess Hammonia, the city’s coat of arms and an inscription of the city’s motto in Latin “Libertatem quam peperere maiores digne studeat servare posteritas.”
10 Interesting Hamburg City Hall Facts