10 Interesting Facts About Bac Lieu Province

Facts About Bac Lieu Province

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Facts About Bac Lieu Province

  • Bac Lieu is a coastal province and is situated in the Mekong Delta region of the southern part of the country.
  • After the Fall of Saigon, 30 April 1975, Bạc Liêu Province and Cà Mau Province were merged into one new entity called Minh Hải Province
  • In 1996, Minh Hải Province was split into two, with the northeast becoming Bạc Liêu Province and the southwest becoming Cà Mau Province.
  • The most important parts of Bạc Liêu’s economy are rice farming, fishing, food processing, and clothing manufacturing.
  • The Geographic Coordinates of Bac Lieu: 9°15′N 105°45′E
  • Vọng cổ, an important song in the traditional music of southern Vietnam, was composed in Bạc Liêu around 1918 or 1919.
  • Bạc Liêu Province is a province of Vietnam.
  • Bạc Liêu is derived from the Teochew name Po Liaw meaning “meagre hamlet”.
  • Bạc Liêu is subdivided into seven district-level sub-divisions:5 districts: Đông Hải, Hòa Binh, Hồng Dân, Phước Long, Vĩnh Lợi. 1 district-level town: Giá Rai and 1 provincial city: Bạc Liêu.
  • The total area of Bac Lieu Province is 2,468.7 km2 / 953.2 sq mi.
Facts About Bac Lieu Province
Facts About Bac Lieu Province
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