10 Interesting Facts About Bien Hoa

Facts About Bien Hoa

Facts About Bien Hoa

  • The area around Biên Hòa was part of a small kingdom prior to being annexed by Chenla. Bien Hoa was an agricultural and fishing region.
  • Biên Hòa is the capital city of Đồng Nai Province, Vietnam and part of the Ho Chi Minh City metropolitan area.
  • The total area of Bien Hoa is 26,408 km2.
  • The elevation of Bien Hoa is 6 m above sea level.
  • Biên Hòa has 30 divisions, including the wards of An Bình, An Hòa, Bình Đa, Bửu Hòa, Bửu Long, Hiệp Hòa, Hóa An, Hòa Bình, Hố Nai, Long Bình, Long Bình Tân, Phước Tân, Quang Vinh, Quyết Thắng, Tam Hiệp, Tam Hòa, Tam Phước, Tân Biên, Tân Hạnh, Tân Hòa, Tân Hiệp, Tân Mai, Tân Phong, Tân Tiến, Tân Vạn, Thanh Bình, Thống Nhất, Trảng Dài, Trung Dũng, and the commune of Long Hưng.
  • The estimated population of Bien Hoa 1.251 million.
  • Biên Hòa is one of the center of industry in southern Vietnam. There are six industrial zones: Biên Hòa I Industrial Zone; Biên Hòa II Industrial Zone;  Amata Industrial Park; Long Bình Industrial Zone Development; Agtex Long Bình Industrial Park – AGTEX 28 & Tam Phước Industrial Park.
  • Bien Hoa is the fifth largest city in Vietnam.
  • Bien Hoa is one of the oldest cities in southern Vietnam. The French conquered it in 1861 after prolonged Vietnamese resistance.
  • Geographic coordinates of Bien Hoa: Latitude: 10°56′40″ N, Longitude: 106°49′27″ E.
Facts About Bien Hoa
Facts About Bien Hoa