10 Interesting Facts About Dunaújváros

Interesting Facts About Dunaújváros

Facts About Dunaújváros

  • Dunaújváros is located in the Transdanubian part of the Great Hungarian Plain.
  • Geographic coordinates of Dunaújváros is 46°57′53″ N, 18°56′23″ E.
  • In 2020, Dunaújváros celebrated its 70th anniversary.
  • The city replaced the village of Dunapentele, named after Saint Pantaleon. The construction of this new industrial city started in 1949 and the original village was renamed Sztálinváros, “Stalin City”, in 1951. After the Hungarian revolution of 1956, the new government renamed the city the neutral Dunaújváros in 1961, which means “Danube New City”.
  • Dunaújváros is 146 m above sea level.
  • Dunaújváros is one of the newest cities in the country. It was built in the 1950s during the industrialization of the country.
  • Dunaújváros is twinned with Alchevsk, Ukraine; Elbasan, Albania; Giurgiu, Romania; İnegöl, Turkey; Linz,  Austria; Silistra, Bulgaria; Sremska, Serbia; Terni, Italy & Villejuif, France.
  • The Estimated Population of Dunaújváros is 44,640.
  • The current mayor of Dunaújváros is Pintér Tamás, as of 2020.
  • Dunaújváros is an industrial city in Fejér County, Central Hungary. The city is best known for its steelworks, which is the largest in the country.
Interesting Facts About Dunaújváros
Interesting Facts About Dunaújváros