10 Interesting Facts About Fremont, Nebraska

Facts About Fremont, Nebraska

Facts About Fremont

  1. Fremont has a total area of 8.85 square miles, of which 8.80 square miles is land and 0.05 square miles is water.
  2. Fremont was founded in 1856, by homesteaders from Illinois on the old Mormon Trail 1856, it was named for explorer John C. Frémont.
  3. Fremont lies in the river plain between the Platte and Elkhorn rivers, at an elevation of approximately 1,203 ft above sea level.
  4. Fremont has 21 city-owned parks, with a combined area of over 400 acres.
  5. Fremont is the namesake for the Fremont neighbourhood in Seattle, which was settled by Luther H. Griffith and Edward Blewett from Fremont.
  6. Fremont was Incorporated as a city on the 17th of June, 1871.
  7. Fremont gained national attention in 2010 when residents approved a referendum that would ban illegal immigrants from renting and working in the town.
  8. Fremont is the county seat of Dodge County, Nebraska, and is likewise the financial and social centre of the area.
  9. The estimated population of Fremont is 27,373, as of 2021.
  10. Notable residents who were born or live in Fremont are sculptor Gutzon Borglum; a pioneer in stroboscopic photography, Harold Eugene Edgerton; film and television actress, Marg Helgenberger and American football player Zach Wiegert.
Facts About Fremont
Facts About Fremont