10 Interesting Facts About Hai Duong

Facts About Hai Duong

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Facts About Hai Duong

  • Hai Duong is a city in Vietnam. It’s the capital of Hải Dương Province and a highly industrialized province in the Hanoi Capital Region and the Red River Delta in Northern Vietnam.
  • The name “Hải Dương”  come from Sino-Vietnamese mean “ocean sun” in English.
  • The name first appeared officially in 1498. In feudal times, Hải Dương indicated a vast area from the east of Hanoi to the sea.
  • Hai Duong city was built in 1804 and was first called “Thành Đông”, referring to the citadel east of Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi.
  • From 2019, Hai Duong city contains 20 wards and 7 communes.
  • The geographic Coordinates of Hai Duong is: 20°56′23″N 106°19′50″E
  • The estimated population of Hai Duong is 507,469.
  • The total area of Hai Duong city is 71.38 km2 / 27.56 sq mi.
  • Hải Dương city is bordered to the north-east by Nam Sách and Thanh Hà districts, to the west by Cẩm Giàng District, and to the south by Gia Lộc and Tứ Kỳ districts, and also a branch of the Sat River.
  • The elevation of Hai Duong city is 26 ft above sea level.
Facts About Hai Duong
Facts About Hai Duong
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