10 Interesting Facts About Klaipėda

Facts About Klaipėda

Facts About Klaipėda

  1. Klaipėda is a city in Lithuania on the Baltic Sea coast.
  2. The Teutonic Knights built a castle in the *Pilsāts Land of the Curonians and named it Memelburg; later the name was shortened to Memel.
  3. the town and city were officially named Memel. Between 1923 and 1939, both names were in official use; since 1945 the Lithuanian name of Klaipėda has been used.
  4. Klaipėda is twinned with: United States Cleveland, United States; Gdynia, Poland; Kaliningrad, Russia; Karlskrona, Sweden; Kotka, Finland; Kuji, Japan; Liepāja, Latvia; Lübeck, Germany; Mannheim, Germany; Mogilev, Belarus; North Tyneside, England, United Kingdom; Odessa, Ukraine; Rügen, Germany & Szczecin, Poland
  5. Klaipėda has an additional cooperation agreement with Porto, Portugal.
  6. The Population of Klaipėda is 152,818, as of 2016.
  7. Klaipėda is the third-largest city in Lithuania and the capital of Klaipėda County.
  8. The Port of Klaipėda is the principal ice-free port on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. It is the most important Lithuanian transportation hub, connecting sea, land and railway routes from East to West.
  9. The Parbėg laivelis folk festival is held every two years, in Klaipėda.
  10. The city generates approximately 12 per cent of the country GDP and about 80 per cent of the Western Lithuania.
Facts About Klaipėda
Facts About Klaipėda