10 Interesting Facts About Lake Inari

Facts About Lake Inari

Facts About Lake Inari

  1. Lake Inari is located on the Northern part of Lapland, North of the Arctic Circle, on the border of subarctic and temperate climatic zones.
  2. Lake Inari is the third largest lake in Finland’s Lapland.
  3. The lake basin is the result of local tectonic movements. Because the lake had virtually no contact with the Baltic Sea, no marine relics can be found in its waters.
  4. The lake depression is a graben bounded by faults active in the Cenozoic.
  5. The lake is surrounded by forests mainly made up of pine and rarely of spruce. This area belongs to the sub-boreal vegetation zone and the Palearctic geographical region.
  6. The Lake empties northwards through the Paatsjoki at the mouth of the Varangerfjord, which is a bay of the Barents Sea.
  7. Numerous uninhabited islands can be found on the lake, such as Hammastunturi, Muotkatunturi, Paistunturi and Kaldoaivi. Nearly 50% of the area is occupied by more than 3,300 islands. Hautuumaasaari Island, also known as Graveyard Island, used to be a cemetery for ancient Sami people.
  8. You can find the following Fish within the lake Inari: Trout, lake salmon, Arctic char, white fish, grayling, perch and pike.
  9. The freezing period normally extends from November to early June.
  10. Lake Inari is the largest lake in Sápmi.
Facts About Lake Inari
Interesting Facts About Lake Inari