10 Interesting Facts About Lake Narach

Facts About Lake Narach

Facts About Lake Narach

  1. People settled near the lake about 10 thousand years ago.
  2. Lake Narach is an abode of 22 genera of fish, such as eel, pike, burbot, etc.
  3. Lake Narach has a surface area of 79.6 km2, a wider length of 12.8 km, a maximum depth of 24.8 m, an average depth of 8.9 m,[1] a volume of 710 million cubic meters.
  4. The territory of the park covers more than 87,000 hectares, and, apart from protected land
  5. The lake is surrounded with pine forests. About 48% of the park is covered with pine and birch groves.
  6. Lake Narach is a lake in north-western Belarus, located in the basin of the Viliya river.
  7. Is the largest lake in Belarus, From 1921 to 1939 the Lake was the largest lake in Poland. 
  8. Lake Narach formed about 11 thousand years ago after the Pleistocene ice ages.
  9. In 1999, the government of Belarus created the Narachanski National Park.
  10. The park includes 36 natural landmarks of national and local significance.


Facts About Lake Narach
Facts About Lake Narach