8 Interesting Facts About Marijampolė

Facts About Marijampolė

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Facts About Marijampolė

  1. Marijampolė is the seventh-largest city in Lithuania.
  2. The city covers an area equal to 205.07 square kilometres.
  3. The city has also been known as Marijampolis, Mariampol, Starapole, Pašešupiai, Marjampol, Mariyampole, and Kapsukas.
  4. The settlement was founded as a village called “Pašešupė”, after the nearby river of Šešupė. As such the town was first mentioned in 1667.
  5. The Population of Marijampolė is 34,975, as of 2017.
  6. Marijampolė is a cultural and industrial city and the capital of the Marijampolė County in the south of Lithuania.
  7. Marijampolė is twinned with Bergisch Gladbach, Germany; Chernyakhovsk, Russia; Kokkola, Finland; Kvam, Norway; Lesja, Norway; Mayo County, Ireland; Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland; Reșița, Romania; Rogozno, Poland; Soligorsk, Belarus; Suwałki, Poland; Valga, Estonia; Valka, Latvia & Viborg, Denmark.
  8. The Šešupė River divides the city into two parts which are connected by six bridges.
Facts About Marijampolė
Facts About Marijampolė
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