10 Interesting Facts About Pécs

Interesting Facts About Pécs

Facts About Pécs

  • Pécs has an informal friendship link with Peterborough, England.
  • In 2010, Pécs was selected to be the European Capital of Culture alongside Essen and Istanbul.
  • Pécs is located in the Carpathian Basin of Central Europe, in the centre of the southern Hungarian county of Baranya.
  • The Pécs motto is “The Borderless City”. After receiving the title major renewal started in the city.
  • Pécs is the administrative and economic centre of Baranya County.
  • Pécs is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pécs.
  • The earliest name for the territory was its Roman name of Sopianæ.
  • Pécs is twinned with Arad, Romania; Beyoğlu, Turkey; Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Fellbach, Germany; Graz, Austria; Kraków, Poland; Kütahya, Turkey; Lahti, Finland; Namur, Belgium; Novi Sad, Serbia; Olomouc, Czech Republic; Osijek, Croatia; Seattle, United States; Shiraz, Iran; Shkodër, Albania; Sliven, Bulgaria; Terracina, Italy; Tucson, United States; Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina & Zagreb, Croatia.
  • The University of Pécs was founded by Louis I of Hungary in 1367. It is the oldest university in Hungary and is among the first European universities.
  • The medieval city was first mentioned in 871 under the name Quinque Basilicae (“five cathedrals”.)
Interesting Facts About Pécs
Interesting Facts About Pécs