10 Interesting Facts About Pori

Interesting Facts About Pori

Facts About Pori

  1. Pori was established in 1558 by Duke John, who later became John III of Sweden.
  2. The Pori has a population of 84,318, as of 31 January 2019.
  3. The biggest ship probably ever built in Pori was “Porin Kraveli,” completed in 1583.
  4. The name Pori comes from the -borg part of the original name in Swedish with a Fennicised pronunciation. The Swedish name Björneborg means Bear City, and the Latin-Greek Arctopolis also means Bear City.
  5. Pori is twinned with: Bremerhaven, Germany; Eger, Hungary; Kołobrzeg, Poland; Mâcon, France; Porsgrunn, Norway; Riga, Latvia; Stralsund, Germany; Sundsvall, Sweden & Sønderborg, Denmark.
  6. Pori is the 11th largest city in Finland, and the 7th largest urban area.
  7. The city is located some 10 km from the Gulf of Bothnia, on the estuary of the Kokemäenjoki river.
  8. In October 2013 Pori was the destination of MS Nordic Orion, the first commercial cargo ship ever to transit the Northwest Passage. She was carrying a cargo of coking coal from Port Metro Vancouver, Canada.
  9. Pori is also the capital of the Satakunta region and the Pori sub-region.
  10. Pori has port facilities on the Kokemäen River and two outports, Mäntyluoto and Reposaari, on the Gulf of Bothnia.
Interesting Facts About Pori
Interesting Facts About Pori