10 Interesting Facts About Prievidza

Facts About Prievidza

Facts About Prievidza

  1. Prievidza is a city in central-western Slovakia.
  2. The Upper Nitra Basin was inhabited as early as the middle of the Paleolithic period, as evidenced by the rich paleontological findings in Bojnice and Prievidza.
  3. Prievidza is the second biggest municipality in the Trenčín Region.
  4. Prievidza covers an area of 43.06 square kilometres
  5. The first written mention of Prievidza was in 1113, as ‘’Preuigan’’.
  6. Prievidza was promoted to a royal free town in 1383, on 26 January.
  7. The name of the city is probably deduced from a personal name Previd with possessive sufix -ja
  8. Prievidza lies at an altitude of 280 metres (919 ft) above sea level
  9. Prievidza is twinned with Ibbenbüren, Germany; Šumperk, Czech Republic; Luserna San Giovanni, Italy; Valjevo, Serbia; Velenje, Slovenia & Jastrzębie-Zdrój, Poland.
  10. The Estimated Population of Prievidza is 47,033.
Facts About Prievidza
Facts About Prievidza