5 Interesting Facts About Turaida

Facts About Turaida

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Facts About Turaida

  1. In 1212, a peace treaty was signed in Turaida between the Estonian tribes and the Livonian Brothers of the Sword, the Archbishopric of Riga, the Livonians and the Latgalians.
  2. Turaida is a part of Sigulda in the Vidzeme Region of Latvia.
  3. Turaida is famous for the Turaida Castle.
  4. The Estimated population of Turaida is around 210, as of 2020.
  5. The construction of the Castle of Turaida started in 1214, Built by Livonian Brothers of the Sword.
Facts About Turaida
Interesting Facts About Turaida
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