10 Interesting Facts About Šiauliai

Facts About Šiauliai

Facts About Šiauliai

  1. Šiauliai was the capital city of the Šiauliai Country from 1994 to 2010.
  2. The city was first mentioned in written sources as Soule in Livonian Order chronicles describing the Battle of Saule.
  3. Thus the city’s founding date is now considered to be September 22, 1236, the same date when the battle took place, not far from Šiauliai. At first it developed as a defence post against the raids by the Teutonic and Livonian Orders.
  4. The city was largely rebuilt anew in a typical Soviet fashion during the years of subsequent Soviet occupation.
  5. Šiauliai was granted Magdeburg city rights in the 16th century, when it also became an administrative centre of the area.
  6. The Population of Šiauliai is 101,511, as of 2020.
  7. Šiauliai is twinned with: Baranovichi, Belarus; Częstochowa, Poland; Etten-Leur, Netherlands; Fredericia, Denmark; Jelgava, Latvia; Kaliningrad, Russia; Khmelnytsky, Ukraine; Kristianstad, Sweden; Omaha, United States; Pärnu, Estonia & Plauen, Germany.
  8. Šiauliai is the fourth largest city in Lithuania.
  9. The first passenger transport company in Šiauliai was founded in 1940. It was autotrestas, which had 29 buses.
  10. In 2020 construction of Europe’s largest aircraft maintenance and repair centre will begin in Šiauliai International Airport territory.
Facts About Šiauliai
Facts About Šiauliai