10 Interesting Moscow Kremlin Facts


Moscow Kremlin Facts

  1. The name “Kremlin” means “fortress inside a city”, it was founded by Prince Yury Dolgoruky in the 1100s.
  2. The Kremlin encompasses an area of 90 acres of land.
  3. Palaces of the Kremlin include Great Kremlin Palace, Terem Palace, Poteshny Palace, and State Kremlin Palace.
  4. The Kremlin’s largest square is Ivanovskaya Square.
  5. The Kremlin is the largest fortress of its kind in Europe.
  6. The Soviet government moved from Petrograd to Moscow on 12 March 1918. Vladimir Lenin selected the Kremlin Senate as his residence.
  7. The Moscow Kremlin now serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation and as a museum.
  8. Together with the Red Square, the Kremlin was elected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990.
  9. There are 20 Kremlin towers and all have names apart from two. These are called ‘the first unnamed’ and ‘the second unnamed’. The tallest one is called Troitskaya.
  10. The five stars on top of the Kremlin weigh one ton each and are made of ruby to enhance their shine.
Moscow Kremlin Facts
Moscow Kremlin Facts

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