20 Interesting Facts About Copenhagen


Facts About Copenhagen:

  1. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is one of Europe’s oldest cities. Copenhagen became the Danish capital in 1443. 
  2. The 9.5-mile Oresund Bridge opened in 2000, connecting Denmark to Sweden.
  3. Danish is the official language of Copenhagen. English and German also widely spoken.
  4. Copenhagen is twinned or cooperating with the following cities: Beijing, China; Paris, France; Reykjavík, Iceland; Campeche, Mexico & South Tarawa, Kiribati.
  5. The highest point is 91 meters (299 feet) above sea level.
  6. The Population of Copenhagen is 602,481, as of 2017.
  7. Copenhagen carries its history in its name. The original Danish name meant “merchants’ harbor,” and through German translations, became the popular name Copenhagen.
  8. The Copenhagen Metro launched in 2002 serves central Copenhagen.
  9. The University of Copenhagen was founded in 1476. By the 16th century, the city served as the commercial center of Denmark.
  10. Copenhagen’s first airport was built in 1925.
  11. The First Battle of Copenhagen, fought between the Danish and the English fleets, occurred in 1801, with a second battle fought in 1807.
  12. From August 1658 to June 1660, a Swedish army under King Charles X besieged Copenhagen.
  13. In 1956, The first skyscrapers rose in Copenhagen. 
  14. The annual Copenhagen Marathon was established in 1980.
  15. The city of Copenhagen covers a total area of 606 square kilometers.
  16. The city itself is divided into 15 administrative, statistical and tax districts.
  17. In 1254, it received its charter as a city under Bishop Jakob Erlandsen.
  18. 55% of Copenhageners commute to work by bicycle.
  19. Fehmarn Belt will integrate Copenhagen and Northern Germany in 2021.
  20. on 21st November 1838, Bertel Thorvaldsen received the honorary citizenship of Copenhagen.